The Watched

Written by Christopher William Hill

Directed by Tessa Walker  

Designed by Charlotte Cridlan

Music by Russell Pascoe

Photo by Eric Berry'Good evening Mr Varly Sir.''The spider, scuttled into the kitchen.'


...and the farther the girl ran......the farther she had to run...

'Well done - I'll have nightmares tonight! I loved it!'


The Watched originally ran for approximately 70 minutes with no interval. The production was performed in the round with an entrance on each corner of the 12 feet by 12 feet  stage.


The Play:

ACT ONE:     The Gathering
ACT TWO:    The Coming Of The Frosts


'Atmospheric. Genuinely scary!'


''Reallly excellent - marvellous atmosphere and tension - particularly enjoyed Anna's blind girl!'

'What's your name, girl?'

'Very good atmosphere, Coppola-esque!'

'I lost my way.'

'Excellent! Very dark and well played.'  

'Like a great pouring down of rain!'

'Really enjoyed it, top stuff!!'

'There must be all nature of things living in it!'

'It was stunning!!'


'What of the master?'

'Very good use of the stage, nice balance of energies, gripping, dramatic and stylish.'.  

Greta - The Rope

'Terrific production and atmosphere. Well done!'

'You like songs Greta?'

'Absolutely riveting - we were there with you! Many thanks.'

'I can hear you telking girl.'

'Loved it!!'

'She may be blind, but...'

'Excellent! Gripping!'

'Mother told me to bring you your food.'

'An excellent production!'

'Come stand beside me Greta.'

'Thank you very much, it was stunning!'

'And the ice prince put his hand on her head...'

'It was an excellent use of the round! Altogether a brilliant performance!'

'Slowly now, and gently.'


'Enjoyed the play greatly.'

'You know me Mr Varly.'

'Very brilliant, gripping stuff!!'

'The fears in the running..'

 'You saw everything?'

'Fantastic, really atmospheric. The original antique props were excellent - added so much depth to the production. I loved the whispering in the round - well done everyone!'


'Excellent play - a good plot & script and well acted! Hope to see it again.'



 Greta - Anna Camin
 Osgood - Miles Gallant

 Mrs Varly - Emma Spurgin Hussey

 Mr Varly - Rory Wilton

 Stage Manager / Technician - Sam Wilton



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