The Cornish Giant

devised by the company

directed by Richard Lea




            For this show, three actors worked with director Richard Lea to devise an ecological story combining Cornish giant myths with an archetypal hero quest story.

            At the beginning of the story the Cornish Giant, protector of the land, was stirred from his sleep by an awareness that things were not as they should be: people were taking Cornwall for granted. The Giant decided that they needed to be taught a lesson. His sleeping form had provided a village with its water, and his shifting caused the water to start to run out. This caused crisis in the village. At the same time, a nameless and rather unlikeable girl decided to run away from her unsympathetic foster parents.

            The play followed the Girl’s quest to save her village and find her name. As she travelled, she grew in maturity and encountered many characters who both challenged her and helped her on her way – these included Jenny Green Teeth, some terrifying wraiths, and the rather charming Boar Man. When the Girl and the Giant finally met, they were able to help one another find what they sought – the Girl had to prove to the Giant that humankind was worth saving, whilst he gave her her true name, Lowenhay, which means ‘to be made joyful’. At the end of the play, the Giant brought water back to the village, but lost his life in the process. The Girl, changed almost beyond recognition, mourned her friend, at the same time looking forward to a new life as a happier and more active member of her community.





Anita King

Nick Ryall

Emma Spurgin Hussey


Stage Manager - Jo Tagney



Phone: 01872 272695