Good Dog Devil

devised by the company

directed by Anita King


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Copyright Sam WiltonCopyright Sam Wilton

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Copyright Sam WiltonCopyright Sam Wilton



            We fell in love with this Cornish story when we first read it in a children’s story book called ‘The Magic Ointment’. It tells the tale of a would-be hero called Harvey Trembath, a rather hopeless tin miner who yearns for a life of adventure. It seemed the perfect material for an outdoor show.

            After all the doomed love of ‘Trystan and Yseult’, it was great to have the chance to devise a totally different kind of love story – yes, Harvey does meet and fall in love with his dream girl, but not before she’s laughed at him, forced him to sing Abba songs and buy some rag and bone off her dad, and he’s encountered some mysterious cat-witches who sing Nina Simone songs and he has been helped and hindered by the good dog, Devil!

            The finished show included: a very curious version of a Devo song; a bizarre market with only three stalls (selling, since you ask, apples, a rag and a bone, and lard); a talking standing stone and a very angry bird; and Harvey’s very magical stick!

            My name is Harvey Trembath

            I work down a tin mine – it’s no laugh

            I shovel it all day and dream my life away

            I wish that I could change my present path.


            I want to be a hero some day

            And rescue poor maidens in dismay

            I’d rescue them with my stick and frighten dragons quite a bit

            And the villagers would all say ‘Way-hay-hay!’


            Because I’m Harvey the hero

            Harvey the hero

            Saviour of the western world

            I’d climb a mountain high

            And run all through the sky

            And have medals, shiny teeth and everything!

Unfortunately the company does not have any performance pictures at present. If you saw one of the performances of Good Dog Devil and have some pictures we would love to receive copies.



Baddie - Jo Kessell

Kitty / Cat Baddie - Emma Spurgin Hussey

Mother / Cat Baddie / Good Dog Devil - Jo Tagney

Harvey - Rory Wilton



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