Behind the scenes of The Watched's original production, winter and spring 2000

Rory Wilton - Mr VarlyEmma Spurgin Hussey - Mrs VarlyCharlotte Cridlan - DesignerTessa Walker - Director

Anna Camin - GretaChristopher William Hill - WriterMiles Gallant - Mr Osgood



Charlotte Cridlan glueing the hessian covering used on the marsh sections of the stage.


Sam Wilton burns the stage rostra tops to achieve the dark, aged look of the set.

Charlotte and Sam built the majority of the production's stage between them, with help being provided by the rest of the company during the evenings after rehearsals. On fine days, the entire set was transported outside and worked on in the sun. This was a rare luxury as the majority of February 2000 in Cornwall was wet and windy, which caused Charlotte and Sam many problems with both glueing and varnishing.




To achieve a darkened look to the hessian covering of the marsh sections of the stage, this too was burned. 



Charlotte contemplates the merits of waxed canvas as a cover for the cart!


The Rehearsals

Rehearsals for 'The Watched' were held at Truro Town Hall (a disused magistrate's court belonging to Truro City Council) from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm on weekdays between 14th February and 14th March.

Shirley Penhaligon from the Sight Centre, Truro, gave Anna coaching in the physicality of her blind character, Greta.

To ensure that the Varly family  were true to life in the way they worked with Greta, Shirley Penhaligon worked closely with actors Emma Spurgin Hussey and Rory Wilton, who play Greta's mother and stepfather respectively.

The initial meeting between Osgood (Miles Gallant) and Greta (Anna Camin) was particularly difficult to work, as the apparent physical threat Osgood poses to blind Greta could not be anticipated by sighted Anna.

Sam sews yet more cloths for Osgood's cart!

Charlotte works on the lighting design. Pictured above is the marsh pond created using a sandwich of PVC sheets, reeds and leaves.

Miles experiments with the difficult manoeuvring of Osgood's cart.

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